Our vision

Metafabric's goal is to connect NFT communities by giving them the opportunity for greater integration, cooperation, and security of communication.

Originally designed for CryptoPunks and Apes (BAYC), now we are creating platforms for other NFT projects. Ultimately, we want to create a social network for NFT projects tailored to web3 needs.

That means our platform will be secure, free of spam, and help community members connect on various levels.

Fueled by the $FABRIC utility token

Our Clubs


PunksClub is the first social network dedicated to CryptoPunk holders

492 members


ApeClub is the first social network dedicated to BAYC/MAYC holders

458 members


Contact verified ZombieClub holders from across the world

429 members

How our Clubs work

Worldwide Maps of Holders

Find fellow NFT holders on our map

DM & Group chats

Chat with them on specific subgroups (events, projects, locations etc.)

List of IRL Events

Add or check existing IRL events for your community

More Features

  • User Directory
  • Project Whitelists & Drops
  • Your web3 Profile
  • Spam and Scam Protection

Contact us to set up a club for your community


Upcoming Milestones

New Communities

Mobile App

More $FABRIC utility

Worldwide events

Our stats

  • 900+ verified CryptoPunk, BAYC, MAYC holders registered on our platforms
  • 280 000 websites & Twitter account visits
  • 148 Punk & Ape IRL meetups thanks to our map feature
  • 100+ holders’ projects listed on PunksClub and ApeClub
  • 4+ events for Punks & BAYC sponsored and organized by us (London, NYC, Miami, Paris coming soon)