Our Token


$FABRIC as a utility token will be integrated into the entire MetaFabric ecosystem of our Token and NFT Community clubs.

Token stats

  • Market Cap$940.99K
  • Price$0.001682
  • 24h volume$280.82K
  • Holders2.39K
  • Circulating Supply ~562.11M
  • Total Supply 980.11M
  • ETH contract address 0x8c6Fa66c21aE3fC435790E451946a9Ea82E6e523
  • BSC contract address 0x73FF5Dd853Cb87c144F463a555dcE0e43954220d
  • BSC Bridge BSC Bridge

$FABRIC Utility

Access to our upcoming PunksDen Club

  • A SharkTank-like initiative where a council of 20 prominent CryptoPunk holders will judge web3 startups on widely promoted Twitter Spaces
  • It will be required to hold 50,000 $FABRIC (subject to adjustment) in order to join the club and get early access to alpha and whitelists on web3 projects and NFT collections which will be vetted and then backed by our CryptoPunk council and via our social media.
  • More on PunksDen and our CryptoPunk council - punksden.io

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...


  • Total supply980 mil
  • Circulating supply~590 mil
  • Exchange liquidity / Airdrops90M
  • Investors200M
  • Team100M