We are fighting for a free Metaverse,
owned by the people, not big corporations.

Join us in the fight!


The core values of true decentralization need to be protected, and we are here to make sure of that. That's why we are uniting the whole crypto world to create a universal, community owned ecosystem of tools, which will be the backbone of Metaverse communication.

Imagine a place where you can directly connect with people based on the initiatives you believe in and support. A place which unleashes the true potential of communities hidden behind a sum of letters and numbers, anonymous wallets trying to challenge the status quo. A place which interconnects the entire Metaverse. This place is called MetaFabric.

To make sure you treat MetaFabric as your own we pledge to establish a governance system based on our $FABRIC token. This way we will transfer much of decision-making into the hands of our community. Including the decision to open source our products to allow for worldwide distributed development efforts.

Welcome aboard.

In simple terms here’s how the old model worked:

  • You sign up to a social messaging app
  • You give them all your data
  • They spy on you and make money off of your data and activities

And here you can see what MetaFabric aims to further:

  • You use your crypto wallet to sign up
  • You own your data, which is encrypted and distributed by a decentralized network of servers
  • You’re the one making money - $FABRIC

Product philosophy

Over many years spent on building and marketing software and blockchain products we have come to one, very important conclusion. Combining our business know-how with feedback from our target users saves two of the most valuable resources in business - time & money. Our philosophy of running MetaFabric, by some called Lean Approach, can be presented in these simple steps:

  • Selling before we build. We'll always release a rudimentary MVP (Minimum Viable Product) quickly,
  • Then we validate based on achieved adoption and user feedback, repeating the process if needed,
  • After successfully launching and validating - developing further and expanding the tech,
  • Open-sourcing our work and transferring it into your (the community's) hands

Wasting time on building the perfect product for months and years without presenting it to our community is the last thing you can expect from us.

User acquisition strategy

A product makes no sense without users. In the vast majority of projects, especially in the first months of operation, the team focuses on the product and its wide range of functionality. Then, after many months of tedious work, the product is introduced to the market counting on gaining a huge number of users. As you can imagine this usually doesn't work and the whole operation often fails.

Lean Approach

In MetaFabric we have a different approach. Our first step is to validate the idea on the market, gather as many users as possible, and then introduce the MVP to this collective. The product will be created with the participation and feedback of its users, so it is fully adapted to market needs, and tested very quickly. Later on this community will take over product governance from us.

Our goal is to acquire a critical mass of users as soon as possible. For that we need a well defined list of promotional activities which will give us good results. Our strategy is centered around a very fast-paced, aggressive campaign from day 1, with each new product feature being rolled out and promoted as soon as possible. Below we present the key directions in marketing MetaFabric.

Word-of-mouth marketing

The product built by MetaFabric is to be placed in the hands of the community, which is also the largest promotional collective we have. Holders and users are the biggest marketing force, hence the need for your activation in terms of promotion. One single post on social media is a possibility to reach about 100 new people. When the so-called snowball effect is reached, the product has a permanent place in the ecosystem. We invite you to join us in the fight for a free Metaverse!

Airdrop driven referral program

To make this model more attractive and guarantee its success, MetaFabric combines a referral program with a token airdrop. Over the next few months, every community member who signs up for our services and helps promote MetaFabric will receive a fair share of the 200M $FABRIC tokens allocated for this purpose. This airdrop will commence in the next few weeks and will be staged over time to ensure a steady flow of new users as well as to protect the interests of the holders. Airdrop amounts will be dependent on engagement, so the more you engage, the more you will get.

Community integration

The best way to get users is to acquire them en masse. MetaFabric will target existing communities of token and NFT holders, DeFi users, and any others that can be identified on the blockchain. Each of those communities will be automatically recreated on our platform, enabling zero effort adoption from their users. This also allows us to give them value from day 1 proving the usefulness of MetaFabric for them.

Product integrations

To attract users to the platform in massive amounts we will be approaching existing and in development Metaverse games, apps and tools in order to integrate our suite of apps with their products.

The model presented above will allow very fast user acquisition while ensuring organic promotion and media interest around the project. Rapid promotional activities, combined with efficient development, will provide a key competitive advantage in the market.
As you can see above we are not big fans of paid promotion via crypto "influencers" who trick their users by promoting projects they don't really believe in but were paid to shill.

Product release plan

MetaFabric’s goal is to create an integrated ecosystem of communication tools for the Metaverse. Their compatibility with external solutions like games, apps or other ecosystems will provide users with ease of use and possibility to socialize like never before. All of it in a free, decentralized, and community driven way.

Below you will find our plan of what products and in what order we plan to release.

Metaverse ID

In your daily life, on regular basis, you use your ID or other forms of identification (such as your name or email) to prove your identity or function in a social space. In the past we used emails, Twitter or Instagram handles for presenting our online identity. Things have changed and that’s why we are launching Metaverse ID which will allow you to easily communicate with others in the Metaverse, while retaining your privacy. It is your unique ID, assigned to you and your wallets, which you will be able to use in any application connected to the Metaverse. You will choose your nickname and NFT avatar to identify yourself with.

How does it work? In a few simple steps, you can take care of your online identity and privacy, without any restrictions imposed on you. Your Metaverse ID will be an NFT that you can mint and resell in the future if you wish.

You will also automatically receive a unique URL ID), which will present as much or as little information about you as you’d like. Your wallets, your NFT avatar and collection, your holdings and net worth, your communities and crypto connections.

  • Your ID for all Metaverse apps
  • Connect your Ethereum and other blockchain wallets
  • Pick your NFT avatar
  • Connect your email or our upcoming mobile app for notifications and messaging
  • Control your Metaverse privacy - reveal your addresses & assets or, with a little effort, hide them behind your Metaverse ID
  • Make $FABRIC and control spam by setting a fee for messaging you or posting on the communities you manage - in our upcoming messenger

One to One Crypto Messenger

You have certainly been in a situation where you saw a big whale invested in the same project you are supporting and wanted to ask him/her some questions. Or you want to simply have a safe and secure place to chat with your crypto friend hidden behind a string of letter and numbers.

  • Message any Metaverse ID or crypto wallet holder
  • Manage your privacy to reveal or hide what you want
  • Set filters on who can message you
    • Only holders of specific NFTs or holders of certain tokens
    • Only your connections
    • Only people with certain net worth
  • Gather fees in $FABRIC for receiving messages from other users to avoid spam and only focus on valuable conversations

Community Messenger

Imagine if there was a way to automatically create crypto token communities consisting of all the people who actually invested in them. No bots. No marketers. No fudders.

  • Automatically reveal all the communities you’re a part of based on the tokens and NFTs in your wallet
  • Start talking to fellow token / NFT holders
  • Automatically participate in verified whale groups if you have the required number of tokens / NFTs to join
  • Remain anonymous behind your Metaverse ID, or share only your net worth or NFTs, or all of your addresses, it’s your choice
  • Imagine you want to organize a video call for CryptoPunk holders and want to send them a personal invitation - this tool will allow you to do it

Payments & Making money

Crypto world is filled with spammers sliding into your direct messages. Why? Your data is sold and used for marketing purposes. We plan to make you the owner of your data and the one making money from it.

  • Gather $FABRIC fees for incoming private messages from strangers, to make money and control spam
  • Gather $FABRIC fees for your community if external people want to message it - to raise funds and avoid spam advertising
  • Set thresholds who can do what in your chat based on their holdings

Metaverse Apps & Games Integration

Metaverse is said to be one of the most life-changing environments of the next decade. We are witnessing many projects emerging in this field, but what users need is a universal tool, which will help them in seamless communication and identification. That’s where MetaFabric products come into play.

  • Connect our platform to subsequent games & apps to enable users to use Metaverse ID and message each other within communities, trade assets, etc.

Technological track

In parallel to product development and release, we plan to work on the tech aspect of our ecosystem.

  • Mobile Apps

    While expanding our web apps we’ll build mobile apps to bring you closer to our services

  • Decentralization & Node operators

    Our app starts centralized for speed of development, but we plan to decentralize all aspects of it, funding node operators with % of the $FABRIC fees paid on the platform.

  • End to end encryption

    To begin with we will offer full transit encryption of your communications. We intend the platform to be end-to-end encrypted to ensure complete privacy of communication.

  • Other blockchains support

    Rolling out on MATIC, BSC, Solana and others, to make sure your Metaverse ID and communication flows across blockchain platform boundaries.


Below you will find key metrics of our utility MetaFabric (FABRIC) token.

Total FABRIC Supply:


useful links

  • Buy on Uniswap: view
  • Etherscan contract: view
  • BscScan contract: view

Here is the planned utility of our token:

  • $FABRIC will be the exclusive token powering our messaging network. Majority of the funds spent by users on messaging fees will be used to buy $FABRIC from exchanges and:
    • Sent to node operators who will maintain the backbone of our messaging system, who in turn can decide to hold it
    • Part of it will be burned, making the token deflationary
    • The rest will be paid to the user who set a fee for being messaged
    A remaining percentage of the fee will go to the team wallet for dev & marketing costs.
  • After bootstrapping and proving the product on the market, we intend to include the community in strategic decisions via governance, so the $FABRIC token will be used as the exclusive means for governance votes.

In-app token flow

Our token flow is very simple. User will pay using ETH and other currencies for messaging others that require a fee. The majority of the fee will be converted to $FABRIC on exchanges. Most of it will go to the recipient of the message, and a percentage will be deducted to the dev fund. A part of the $FABRIC (currently we plan it to be 5%) will be burned, thus making the token deflationary.

Detailed roadmap

Proceed to roadmap

Market potential

Metaverse is the next trillion dollar opportunity and has a big potential to defeat Web 2.0 companies. Despite rapid growth, the virtual world is still at an early stage. According to reports, the total market cap of Web 3.0 Metaverse crypto networks stands at around $27.5 billion, compared to the $15 trillion market cap of Web 2.0 companies.

Online game makers and social networks may vie for leadership of the burgeoning $800 billion Metaverse economy, on the convergence of megatrends of games, social and user-generated content.

According to reports, 93.33% of internet users are on social media; the foundation for internet users is communication, without it the growth of the networks would not be possible. This will also be the case in the Metaverse. Metaverse active user base is still relatively small, at less than 10 million users.

However, this market is predicted to grow rapidly and it will attract an increased number of users. Based on the statistics we can assume that 90% of the users will need communication tools. Traditional social networks are insufficient here. What is a huge advantage of blockchain technology and affects the rapid development of this market is primarily security, privacy, anonymity, autonomy and decentralization.

The popular social networks that have declared their intention to enter the Metaverse do not provide many of these aspects, and we are witnessing strong criticism of these platforms. Additionally, these networks are not conducive to building strong communities, which are the foundation in the crypto space and the Metaverse.

Communities play an important role in every aspect of our lives. Having a sense of being a part of one unites us and makes us feel as if we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with people, to reach for our goals, and makes us feel safe and secure. As a part of a strong community, we are a part of a group of people who want to help each other, whether that is socially or professionally.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to MetaFabric.