Connecting you to NFT Communities. Originally designed for CryptoPunks and BAYC, now available to any NFT community.


NFTs have brought people together in a big way, and their popularity continues to grow. With multiple communities forming around different projects, holders connect both online and IRL. Whether at official events or casual meetups organized by community members on social media, there's always a vibrant and active NFT community to be seen. However, finding other NFT holders and keeping track of events can be difficult. That's why we created platforms like PunksClub and ApeClub, which make it easy for members to come together. Soon after, we got in touch with the ZombieClub team and made one for them. Our long term goal is to be the go-to solution for all NFT communities by providing custom platforms that meet their needs. Become a part of our exciting journey and play a crucial role in shaping the ultimate tool for the web3 ecosystem.


Our stats so far (5 months, full organic growth)

  • 1200+ verified CryptoPunk, BAYC, MAYC, Zombie holders registered on our platforms
  • ~ 313 000 websites & Twitter accounts visits
  • ~ 157 Punk & Ape IRL meetups thanks to our map feature
  • > 90 holders’ projects listed on PunksClub, ApeClub, ZombieClub
  • +4 events for Punks & BAYC sponsored and organized by us (London, NYC, Miami, Paris coming soon)

How it works

Each Club is dedicated to an NFT ecosystem (CryptoPunks; BAYC, MAYC…; Zombies, etc.), and has a separate, customized space that only verified holders can access. To keep your assets safe, we implemented additional sign up methods that don’t require wallet connection.

NFT communities can apply for their own dedicated club setup. This process usually takes two to four weeks, depending on the level of design/functionality customization.

All platforms are released under the Metafabric brand, and can be accessed at the domain “”. Users holding the necessary NFTs can simultaneously be members of multiple clubs. However, joining multiple platforms requires separate actions, it’s not an automatic process.

What do NFT communities get?

1. Opportunity for online & offline integration on a global scale
2. Opportunity to make friends or cooperate on initiatives
3. Insights into backgrounds and interests of other members
4. Meeting fellow holders in the local area
5. Promote own projects and discover others
6. Secure communication
7. No spam & scam inside the platform

MVP (features overview) & future product development (product vision)

We developed platforms with a basic functional scope to meet the needs of web3 users and achieve Metafabric's goals.

  • Worldwide holders map - Club members have access to a map with holders from the community. The location on the map is randomized within the city set in your profile. We don't collect any location data from users.

  • Directory of projects - Users can list and promote their own projects and view others' within the club

  • Events list - Users can list their events on the platform to invite others. Besides event details, you can also check the list of attendees.

  • Member list and user profile - Users can view a list of club members, and profiles include optional information such as location, occupation, social media, website, description, projects/events, and event photos.

  • Chats - Users can send messages in DMs and group chats sorted by location, interest, events, projects, and general topics. Users can also control message settings to determine who can send them messages.

  • Your online business card - Users can choose to make their profile private or public, which can serve as a business card in web3, and can include information such as projects, social media, bio, and profession. Ultimately, these profiles will be connected to MetaverseID and ENS.

  • Additional functionalities - For example - We created an NFT editor for holidays like Christmas, allowing users to customize backgrounds and add festive traits for a fun way to celebrate with their community.

The ultimate vision for the product is to create a user-friendly mobile and web application with:

  • features to increase engagement levels
  • notification systems
  • gamification
  • monetization.

The first step will be the launch of the mobile application, scheduled for release in Q1 2023.

We also plan to develop a wallet 2 wallet messenger, available to all interested individuals, not just club members or NFT holders. We believe that everyone in crypto deserves simple & secure communication tools.

What about MetaverseID

MetaverseID is an online handle that you own and control, tied to all your crypto wallets and assets.

In the past, we used email, Twitter or Instagram handles to present our online identity. Now things have changed. Thanks to MetaverseID, you own your handle and can communicate with others in the Metaverse.

MetaverseID is more than a handle. It’s your web3 profile. In a few simple steps, you can take care of your online identity and privacy, without any restrictions. We plan to integrate it with the Metafabric platform, so your MetaverseID will become your unique identity in all clubs.

It’s an NFT that you can mint and sell in the future if you wish. It will be easily accessed under "" URL and visible to the public showing the information you provide. Your wallets, NFTs, holdings, net worth, communities and crypto connections. All the information is optional.

Our approach

Over the years of building marketing software and blockchain products, we realized combining our business know-how with user feedback saves two of the most valuable resources in business - time & money. Our philosophy of Lean Approach, used in MetaFabric, can be summarized in these steps.

  • Selling before we build. We'll always release a rudimentary MVP (Minimum Viable Product) quickly. Then we validate based on achieved adoption and user feedback, repeating the process if needed.

  • We don't waste time perfecting a product for months and years before testing it with our community.

  • Lean approach. Our first step is to validate the idea on the market, gather as many users as possible, and then introduce the MVP to this collective. The product will be created with the participation and feedback of its users, so it is fully adapted to market needs and tested quickly. Later on, this community will take over product governance from us.



Easy and widespread access to the platform. The platform is not as practical in use as we'd like, but this will be solved after mobile app release. Also, it's challenging to onboard new users as people are used to current solutions. But by providing value and listening to users' feedback, we will show the worth of joining our clubs.
Our strategy to overcome these challenges is to onboard entire NFT communities at once. I.e. Create DoodlesClub in collaboration with the founders, instead of onboarding random NFT holders. This way, users who join are immediately part of their respective community and have reason to use the site.
This strategy worked very well for onboarding CryptoPunks, BAYC and ZombieClub, so we expect it to work for other NFT communities.

Competition - Despite converging goals and objectives towards integration and creating a source of communication for the NFT community, Metalink has remained inactive for several months on social media. Their product also has not been developed for a long time. Based on data analysis and user feedback, Metalink lacked functionality that would fill the gaps between integrating and connecting community members. - Despite its immense popularity, Discord is not free of spam and scam, impersonators, doesn’t have extensive features for co-op and irl integration, and is not web3 friendly.


PunksDen is a platform that helps evaluate and promote promising crypto projects. With the help of Council members (made up of 20+ CryptoPunks), key opinion leaders, and other professionals (40+ people), we can see if a project has a solid foundation and prospects. Our goal is to assist people in making informed decisions by providing reliable data and supporting projects that have the potential to be successful.

Best-ranked projects will get help with promotion, investor outreach, or financial assistance. PunksDen also has a network of 400+ entrepreneurs, 300+ investors, 150+ developers, and 100+ artists that can assist with initiatives. PunksDen will launch soon, and it will become the go-to launchpad for web3 startups.


1. Marketing campaign:

  1. Focused on Asia & United States
  2. Covering social media and influencer marketing

2. New metafabric website:

  1. More info about the token & its utility
  2. Direct and easy messaging

3. Mobile app launch

  1. Metafabric app to be used by all NFT clubs.
  2. Focused on connecting people online and irl through our features
  3. User-friendly UI and UX
  4. Available on iOS and Android

4. New NFT club launch

  1. One of the most popular collections of 2022

5. Onboarding the next clubs

6. Launch “PunksDen Club”

  1. “Be close to the most promising web3 startups & NFT collections”
  2. A special club focused on web3 projects at an early stage
  3. Builders can pitch their startups to a Council of 20+ CryptoPunk holders and all members
  4. Access with Founders NFT or 50,000 $FABRIC

7. +1 CryptoPunk & BAYC NFT Passes - allowing people from outside to join PunksClub & ApeClub

8. PunksDen Club Treasury

  1. Treasury in $FABRIC & ETH to fund grants for startups

9. Paid DMs

  1. Monetize your inbox and reduce spam
  2. The recipient sets the fee necessary to receive a message from an outside person.

10. Metaverse ID - similar to ENS but more flexible - full integration

  1. Used in our chat and all platforms to claim your ID.

Please keep in mind the product's development may change according to user needs.


To secure a steady revenue and grow our business, multiple sources will be utilized

PunksClub Founders NFT

NFT collection, which supports the founders of PunksClub, the current owners of Metafabric. Holders influence the company's business model, receive detailed updates on progress, can propose their own changes, and start their own clubs at no cost.

PunksClub / ApeClub +1 Passes NFT

A series of NFTs will give access to certain clubs despite not having the original NFT. All with approval from Punk and Ape holders to maintain the clubs’ prestige.

Sponsorships & advertisers

Sponsors and advertisers can promote themselves to a clearly defined and verified audience with guaranteed outreach. Ad campaign costs will depend on the display time and user engagement, with part of the funds going to the targeted communities.

Paid DMs & Premium Accounts

A payment system that enables private messaging with verified users, like Punk or Ape holders, which are not easily accessible through other social media or messengers.
Access to a premium account is granted with a certain number of tokens, and additional features can be purchased with $FABRIC.

Metaverse ID

NFTs that secure your identity on web3 and metaverse. MetaverseID will be implemented on multiple platforms in the coming months. It will be your online business card, assigned to a specific profile on the Metafabric platform.

$FABRIC token

In order to cover development costs, part of the pool of tokens allocated to the team will be gradually liquidated according to the schedule.


$FABRIC as a utility token will be integrated into the entire Metafabric ecosystem.


1. Access to our upcoming PunksDen Club

  1. A Shark Tank-like initiative where a council of 20 prominent CryptoPunk holders will judge web3 startups on widely promoted Twitter Spaces
  2. Holding a specific amount of $FABRIC will grant access to a club that offers early alpha and whitelists for web3 projects and NFT collections, promoted by the CryptoPunk council and through our social media.
  3. More on the CryptoPunk council -

2. Advertisements.

  1. Ability to display ads to a specific target audience. Advertisers can customize their advertising inside clubs under the Metafabric aegis, depending on the number of $FABRIC they have. A portion of the ad revenue will go to these communities.

3. Premium accounts

  1. Holding a certain number of tokens will give access to a premium account. Additional features can be purchased using $FABRIC tokens.

4. Paid DMs

  1. Ability to send private messages to verified holders of CryptoPunks, Apes, Zombies, etc. without owning these assets or belonging to clubs.

More utilities will be implemented and announced gradually, adjusted to the progress of product development, as well as user growth.

  • Total supply 980 mil

  • Circulating supply ~590mil

  • Exchange liquidity / Airdrops - 90M

  • Investors - 200M

  • Team - 100M


Two web3 entrepreneurs lead our 11-person (8 key team members) ApeClub & PunksClub team:

VoyTech.eth (age 41) - 27 years of tech experience, built a two million+ social network in 2004, co-funded by Intel Capital. In crypto since 2017, built and sold multiple companies.

Wizav.eth (age 31) - 10 years of business & space industry experience in crypto since 2019, member of EBAN.


About NFT market & communities

The NFT industry is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 32.1% during 2022-2028. The NFT Spend Value in the country will increase from US$982.1 million in 2022 to reach US$4746.3 million by 2028.

Despite a significant slowdown in the NFT market in 2022 compared to 2021, and a harsh correction of the crypto segment, analysts and industry insiders predict 2023 to be kinder to the market. This hope rests on the fact that NFTs are a crucial part of the digital economy, which seems destined to expand even if it doesn’t become the “parallel universe” equally important to today’s market that some predict.

NFT PFPs have grown immensely since the launch of CryptoPunks in 2017. Interest in NFT PFPs grew 509% over the past year compared to the year before, putting the term at a current search volume of 1.8K searches per month (Glimpse), and will remain a hot trend in 2023 due to their strong communities, unique utilities, partnerships, and collectibility.

The real-world connections facilitated by NFTs make the perfect tool to bridge the gaps between Web2 and Web3. Well-known firms have started experimenting with NFTs by launching tokenized versions of their real-world products and solutions or building their own marketplaces. (Coca-Cola, Adidas, Samsung, Gucci, Lamborghini, Nike, LV, Lacoste, McDonald’s, Burger King, Meta & Instagram, and more and more.)

Online communities have emerged as potent forms of organizing discourse in many economic and social areas. In such circles, a vibrant and engaged user base is essential for sustaining community activity. Thus, measures to promote engagement with and between community members are important for success. However, sustainable community engagement is challenging given the staggering fluctuations in membership and fading motivations to contribute. Given the mounting evidence, we believe NFTs could add and serve as powerful incentives to build communities and keep members engaged.

Everyone has a natural need to build their own identity. Identity is the representation of oneself, be it physical or digital. Belonging to different communities is one way to strengthen one’s identity and define ourselves in relation to others.
Membership in a community can be embodied as much by material signs such as a piece of garment, a sports car, or a tattoo as by immaterial items such as an accent, a video game, a hashtag… or even an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

NFTs help to strengthen the links between enthusiasts and to assert one’s membership in a community, particularly on social networks. This emerging trend is a symptom that communities are becoming even more important in a connected world.

For example, by buying and posting on Twitter a Crypto punk or Bored Ape Yacht Club profile (like Snoop Dog, Steve Aoki, or even brands like Adidas), you are signifying that you are part of this group of people who understand what NFTs are and that they have a real value for you—be it emotional, financial, or otherwise. As well as signifying belonging, NFTs allow communities to come together around specific passions. Just as NBA fans gather to watch the game together, digital communities will develop their own meeting places.

According to a Gartner study, by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in Metaverse for work, shopping, education, social networking, or leisure.

Musicians and artists also take advantage of this to offer new sharing experiences. Snoop Dogg invited his fans to a concert on The Sandbox, which they could attend by purchasing an NFT ticket. If today a part of the TN clip is accessible by buying a GDC card in NFT, aficionados of the singer have exclusive access to the clip of the song released in November 2021.

All those who claim to be early fans in an emerging trend now have a way to prove it, but above all to take part in the success of the community founders. This is what the Public Pressure platform allows for music, for example.

Thus, today, NFTs are a new way to choose and construct one's identity. They represent belongingness to a culture and a community. Therefore, when building Web3, we should consider NFTs as a claim to participate in shaping a certain future. They are, above all, another way of telling our story through our external image, another way of creating connections and sharing experiences.

As we can see, communities are a trend that is strengthening the corporation in and outside, and will significantly grow in coming years as Web3 and NFTs become prevalent. Communities are an extremely powerful incubator for all the ingredients of a successful transformation: innovation, learning, and collaboration.

The popular social networks that have declared their intention to enter the Metaverse do not provide many of these aspects, and we are witnessing strong criticism of these platforms. Additionally, these networks are not conducive to building strong communities, which are the foundation of the crypto space and the Metaverse.
Communities play an important role in our lives as they help us feel connected to others and give us a sense of belonging. They provide opportunities for forming relationships, reaching our goals, and a sense of safety and security. Being a part of a strong community means being surrounded by people willing to support and assist each other in various ways.

To sum up, Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have taken the world by storm, with billions of dollars spent on several NFT marketplaces. And for creators, building and growing a community will become increasingly vital to sustaining their NFT projects.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to MetaFabric.